Friday, March 23, 2007

Evaluating Linux

For the last few years it's been difficult to open any trade journal or technology website without seeing articles on Linux. A trip past the local bookstore's technical racks only amplifies this fact. Indeed there are enough articles, magazines, and books that it's easy to feel that you're being left behind! And in fact if your organization hasn't at least looked into implementing Linux then you are.

Since it's inception, Linux has grown from a hobbyist implementation of UNIX to an enterprise platform ready for the most demanding applications. This growth has been neither quick nor painless but it has resulted in a operating system that is undeniably ready for use. The question however is this: is Linux ready for your use?

This series of posts will address many of the things that need to be understood before deciding to add Linux to your Oracle implementation. Because the Oracle EBusiness Suite is a mission critical component of your business, everything that supports it becomes mission critical, making a major technology change something that needs careful analysis. Among the topics that this series will cover are: architectural differences, scalability, integration, support, and cost factors.

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