Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Sounds like the title of a bad 50’s sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Blogs are cool, they are in, everyone is doing them – a defining attribute for our current society. At a macro level, blogs have made the world smaller and with a global audience, the stage is a study in contrasts, from teens baring their souls in online diaries to presidential candidates wooing prospective voters.

Given this societal propensity for blogging, Solution Beacon has stepped on to that global stage with a goal to serve the Oracle community through thought-provoking topics emanating from our vast base of experience. We want to spark conversation, address issues, ask questions and provide a forum where straight talk can be embraced, considered and assimilated into a global Oracle mindshare, if you will.

We will post things that we come across, snippits from white papers or presentations we have prepared, issues that we have encountered, areas that people have interest in but not a lot of documentation exists. In turn we want you to send us the topics that are “in your face” right now – those nagging issues that remain on the corner of your desk, feedback on our Newsletter or this blog, questions on something you’ve read or heard, we’ll take them, raise them to the community and explore the responses that are sure to be very interesting and insightful.

So, take a few minutes and send us your topics – this forum is for you!!

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