Thursday, July 26, 2007

Webinar: Release 12 Accounting Setup Manager 101

This is another in our Release 12 webinar series, and will be presented live, with the recorded replay available for registered attendees in the near future. The webinar will be presented on August 8th at 1:30pm CDT, and registration is available here.

Release 12 Accounting Setup Manager 101
Learn the basics of the Release 12 Accounting Setup Manager from this exciting presentation. This new and powerful tool allows users to setup and maintain legal entities, ledgers, accounting rules, reporting currencies and intercompany transactions through a user-friendly interface.

Update: the webinar's recording is now available for viewing!


saumitmandal said...

Dear Friends at Solution Beacon,

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful Presentation - "Release 12 - Accounting Setup Manager 101" by Alyssa Johnson!

I cam across the recorded webinar, and I must congratulate the R12 Team for their pioneering effort to educate the Consulting community on this new feature!

I just have one question, that stumps me!
I followed all the steps, and succeded in creating an Operating Unit in the Accounting Options Setup. But, for some strange reason, this Operating Unit did not get populated in the HR Organizations form!

Is there something that I have missed out or overlooked?

Would appreciate any feedback.


jennifer said...

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neelu said...

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